Winter Collection 2012 by Kayseria

Winter Collection 2012 by Kayseria

Jan 8, 2013

Kayseria’s wonders of Winter contains several novel subjects each with its particular style and element:

i. Local Spirit: Taking motivation from the rich ethnic society of the tribal regions, the local spirit carries as one unit the shades and feel of the locals. The prints and colors of this topic give that warm look and feel of the winter season which is wanted by the ladies.

ii. Kashmir: Determined by the motivating plans and themes on the Kashmiri and Swati Shawls, this subject stands out with its exceptional color squares and energetic plans. The Kayseria Kashmiri gathering keeps the correct embodiment of the winter season in the manifestation of warm and subtle winter colors and marvelous plans.

iii. Nature: To liven up the bleak winter season, Kayseria’s Considers of Winter has the nature subject which is pointed at lighting up the temperament of the winters. Enthusiasms for this topic are determined from lovely winter blooms like chrysanthemums (gul-e-daodi) and birds/animals. This subject is made-up of excellent designs propelled by nature and carries that color and quality which is much required in the winter season.

The Kayseria wonders of Winter Accumulation 2012 goes with the taking after frill: Select Hand Created Clasps, Fixes and Catches with Complex Necklines. There is a mixture of decorated and weaved articles in the gathering. This period Kayseria has uniquely taken on radiant Splits that adds esteem to the shopper’s suits at the advantage of their decision.

Price range starting from PKR 895 to PKR 5,000 Kayseria’s wonders of Winter collection 2012 is now ready at over 40 Kayseria outlets all over Pakistan.












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