Punar Vivaah 5th July 2012

Punar Vivaah 5th July 2012

Jul 5, 2012

epi starts with pankaj telling g3 not to worry he says he will yash back aarti says I tried to stop him but he didn’t listen g3 says last time he got shot for ur son but this time no I want my son aarti says I will he is ur son and my my husband and I promise to get him back pankaj says aarti wait atleast his ph is also not reachable pratik says yes bhabhi becoz of bad weather may be his ph is switch off then pankaj goes to g3 he says mom we will go and search him and aarti says I will also come bua says no need yashs bros are going na aarti says its not the time to argue and 3 says I will also cum but both say o and everyone leave arti standing and she says I am scared i hope yash is alright I m to scared and pari says I can understand plese dont worry have faith and he as u go I will make kids sleep aarti goes she tries to call yash but his ph not reachable she then calls mrs tiwari se says im aarti syntia is my husband there ms tiwari says he comes he then god will also not save him and she cuts aarti again calls yash but again same as she says its raining so heavily dunno were yash ji she then calls call center she asks can u tell me he is but they say that for security reason they cant she says if u have police complaint they can help u aarti blasts she why did u keep call tracing service I need to find my husband u should know how I am feeling u should know a mom is waiting for his son pls she says I understand ur problem but pls help me and then she again says pls mam help then guy comes and says relax ma just give me a min I will trace it and says thanks mam for awekaning our antar aatma he then traces and says this ph has been last traced at babas masjid sum 3 hours ago and then aarti thanks him and keeps the ph

[ss house]

g3 praying to god and bua sitting just then aarti enters she says I found yash he is near peer babas masjid and she says I will go and get him and she leaves but bua stops her and says urn t going anywhere u want to run away na becoz bhaiya will blast on u becoz last time yash got hit for ur son and this time also yash is in danger becoz of u and she goes bua again stops her but aarti answers back she says leave me I will go and g3 supports her she says let her go and she says go get my son back bua full angry g3 cums and says jiji aarti will get yash I have seen truth in her eyes the tadap in her heart for yash she will get him back bua walking around uneasy she tries to call someone and she is talking (its mute) and then after the call she give evil smile

yash dad enters he calls g3 and g3 says u she says u were gonna return after 3 days na he says yup but work got over so I am back pari offers him water and he asks is everything ok bua says yup he asks about his sons he says where are they and why have they gone out in such rain and bua says they have gone to find yash aarti was telling yash is in danger and he says what why yash is in danger g3 says aarti will get him back

bua speaks out the truth she says aarti went out with yash and his father says this means she was working with him I had told na I hate my house bahus working outside but g3 says u had said na they should spend time together and she was working with her husband this was the best way he says how will she she face the weather outside how will she find him and then g3 says women has the power to get her husband out from any danger she gives eg of sati who had got satyavans life back from yamraj and then his father says I hope so that she succeeds

pankaj says it difficult to get out from this rains pratik says I hope he is fine pankaj says hope so pratik says nthing can happen to him and then we see aarti in car she is remembering g3 words and yashs last words that he will get ansh back and she has flash back of ansh getting shot and she also remembers her promise to g3 and then we see in radio they are telling about bad weather and they are warning that no one should get out of house aarti shuts the radio she says nothing will happen to my yash ji

precap Aarti at peer baab masjid and she is walking on hot coal (in movies eg housefull 1 we had seen akshay walking on coal to get the flower that scene ) 

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